mu-b | Security | Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Product: MailEnable IMAP (Version 2.37/8)
Function/Size: 0×40FC59, 251,040-bytes (245.15 KB).mailenable-imap.png
Here we have a prime example, and the original motivation for the creation of Upon discovering this “gem” a few months ago, I can honestly say I almost cried. For the future of humanity is bleak if we continue to recklessly waste resources in such a slap hazard manner as the developers of MailEnable.

To put this example into context, consider that 251,040-bytes is 3.83 times more memory than that available in the Commodore C64. Furthermore, people are actually asked to pay for this cruft, is it any wonder memory requirements on software is increasing at an alarming rate? quite how allocating 251,040-bytes of local stack space for a SINGLE STACK FRAME can be accepted is beyond my comprehension.

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